About Us

The Young Changemakers Conclave was founded in 2011 by X Billion Labs’ Managing Director Samyak Chakrabarty in partnership with the United Nations. His aim was to create a platform for students and young entrepreneurs to engage with leaders from the domains of politics, business, media, the arts, technology, sports and entertainment. The goal then was to seed perspectives, ideas and missions in the minds of our nation’s future.
With time - the platform’s purpose and target has evolved. Our aim now is to raise awareness amongst citizens about how factors such as emerging technology, epidemics, artificial intelligence, climate change, overpopulation and automation will affect their quality of life. More specifically, we will adapt and contextualize our content to connect with rural & semi urban populations which constitute the majority of our nation’s demographic.

The Team


Samyak Chakrabarty

Vice President

Syed Fahad Ahmed

Program Manager

Ankush Matai

Strategic Advisor

Aparna Dubey

Web Designer

Elvis D’Silva

Video Creator & Editor

Hansel Fernandes

Website Developer

Shubham Rajdhar

Advisory Board